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A new camera

Even though I loved a lot about the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III its size kept me from taking it places I wanted to take it, so I decided to sell some stuff and replace it with some other stuff. My first intention was to get a 5D Mark III, I had the original 5D, loved it, and the Mark III seemed to be a mix of that and the 1Ds Mark III, the best of both worlds. After getting some quotes for my gear at I realized I came very close to being able to make it happen. Then I found theĀ refurbished section on and everything fell into place. Even better was the fact that Keh was coming to Salt Lake City so I could have them look over my gear, grade it and if I wanted to I could get a check on the spot. The quote from their review was a bit higher than what I got on their website so I pulled the trigger. I know I could have gotten a bit more if I had sold all the pieces on ebay but then I had to deal with a lot of other hassles as well. After I deposited the check in the bank I went home to order the 5D Mark III, to my despair they were no longer in stock! Continue reading