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Abit BP6 mother board detail.Got some hardware problems this weekend. Bought a wireless network card for my PC but it kept crashing my computer during the driver install and would stop Windows from starting. Since my PC was getting bloated a bit and I wanted to replace my system disk anyway to increase its size so I can make it a dual boot with Linux, I decided to do a clean install of Windows 7 and see if that would solve the problems with the network card. No such luck, time to get in contact with Intel support to see if this thing can work with my PC at all. Now I am back to the USB wireless doohickey that craps out every so often and have some catching up to do on the daily posts.

Shooting the mother board of the first computer I ever build was an interesting exercise, it’s not just finding the interesting patterns but also lighting them so they don’t fall totally flat. Been playing with one snooted light so far, will try a soft box next.