De Doka assignment: New

For the last 10 years I have been coming up with a monthly assignment for the flickr group De Doka, one of the biggest flickr groups for Dutch speakers. It’s a challenge to come up with original assignments that will be achievable for a large section of the group’s members. This year I decided to have a different synonym of ‘new’ to be the theme of the assignments every month.

For January the assignment is simply: New.

My first idea went to some frustrating new things:

Open bottle of mustard with no tamper seal in place
When you just want to quickly add some mustard to your sandwich.
Uncapped new tube of tooth paste.
At least this one has a tab
Jar of sambal with tamper proof seal in place.
Knife required.

All these were shot in the studio, lit with a snooted Elinchrome BX500Ri, the background was a white piece of foam core lit with a cheapo filtered flash. Making backgrounds more interesting than just white or black is a thing I want to improve on.

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